Mrs. Chris Mahuron

Chris Mahuron

Chris Mahuron

Freshmen and Sophomore counselor, Christine Mahuron, loved school so much...she never left. Putting education first, she was also a marching band kid and an athlete. Her love of school and the support of her teachers led her to pursue a career in education. Graduating from University of Evansville with a Bachelor’s of Science in Secondary Education, Mrs. Mahuron began her career in education at Salem High School teaching a mixture of Physical Science, Chemistry and Biology for 5 years before moving to Salem Middle School to teach 7th grade science for the next 10 years. During that time, Mrs. Mahuron also coached boys and girls cross country and girls track. After earning her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision from Ball State University and a second Master’s from IU-Southeast in School Counseling, Mrs. Mahuron had the opportunity to move to the counseling department at Salem Middle School and eventually, she returned to Salem High School as a member of the SHS counseling department.

“Education is an equalizer. It is an opportunity to use your own talents to open doors to your future,” stated Mrs. Mahuron. “Through your work ethic and your determination to learn as much as you can, you can give yourself opportunities that might not be there otherwise.”

As a former classroom teacher and now counselor, Mrs. Mahuron knows life can get in the way of one’s daily progress. “You learn something from everyone you meet and every situation you encounter. Sometimes the lesson or relationship is positive. Sometimes, it slaps you in the face. Either way, positives can be taken from every situation as a lesson to shape our own path and determine how we want to influence others. Life isn’t a smooth ride in a straight line, but how we react to the direction changes and stressful times is up to us and builds who we are.”

“My hope is that somewhere along the line, I have been a positive influence in someone else’s life because through my role as an educator, I get to experience the blessings of others every day.”