Hoping to make students' dreams come true, Amy Whitlatch established the Disney Club at Salem High School. In March, students will have the opportunity of a lifetime visiting the Disney parks and getting to see life behind the scenes. 

Whitlatch said her biggest expectation for the members of Disney Club is “for students to create a passion for something and share it with others.” 

Sophomore Chloe Zink said, “I joined because I wanted the opportunity to fully experience Disney with a new learning aspect.” 

Junior Jada Cooley added, “I joined Disney Club because I’m a huge Disney fan and it sounded like a lot of fun. I like being in the club because it means new friends, and learning more about creativity and imagination.”

Though the club is for anyone who loves Disney, 20 of the members will take a trip to Florida over spring break. Students will take classes in the parks every morning. The curriculum shows different aspects of the theme parks, mostly focusing on art, design, conservation, engineering, history, and logistics. To prepare for this, Disney Club has been studying Khan Academy’s “Imagineering in a Box.” 

Zink said, “I am most excited about the fact that we’ll be able to do things that we can’t through normal classes.” She also mentioned that the members get the experience of talking to people who work for Disney and go behind the scenes.

When asked about fundraising, Whitlatch said that they did not get to do as much as they wanted this year due to limited time. Even with limited time, they did work concessions, gain sponsorships and sell keychains. She mentioned that “it would be helpful if the community voiced what kind of fundraisers they would want to participate in.” 

In addition, Whitlatch expressed her gratitude for the money the club was given through the REACH Grant. “It made it possible for students to have additional experiences that they could not have had without it.”

Whitlatch spoke about the future of the club and said she hopes for “more involvement, but also a better understanding that it is not just about the amusement park industry, there is more to it.” 

The Disney Club members cannot wait for the next magical steps in their journey.