homecoming king and queen

Two new faces joined the homecoming court as King and Queen at Salem High School’s homecoming last weekend. Seniors Kaleb Tucker and Sidney Brown were crowned in front of a large crowd during the game against county rival Eastern High School. 

“It made my night when I looked up at my friends and they were all standing and clapping,” said Tucker. “I had never done homecoming so I was a little nervous, but it was fun.”

Tucker said that although he had never been nominated for homecoming before, he was hoping Aiden would win. “He and Patience had won prom prince and princess, and it  only felt right that they would win king and queen,” he said. “They are such a great couple and I was really hoping they could win.”

He said when Aiden was named runner up, he felt like he had a chance.

“Being a king was a cool experience and I’m very thankful I was voted to win,” said Tucker. 

Brown has been nominated for homecoming before but never made it to the final four of her class. She didn’t expect to win. 

“Clearly I did not think I was going to be Sweetheart because I didn’t even hear my name announced,” she said. She was expecting a junior to win so she didn’t realize her name had been announced. 

Brown said there were two things that made the night special for her. “The first was that being a basketball player, you want to win surrounded by your sport, and for both Kaleb and I that was true,” she said. “The second reason was that my mom actually won her senior year basketball homecoming as well.”  

The rest of the court crowned that night were: heartthrob and sweetheart junior Alex Wilcox and Brown. First runners up were Aiden Hacker and Patience Gumaelius. 

Homecoming court