Caleb Tucker with BSE students

Not all high school students know what they want to do in the future, but there are those who are eagerly looking for opportunities that will help them get ahead in reaching their goals. Luckily for the students at Salem High School, the school board has introduced a new dual credit class that will prepare students for a career in education. 

Megan Elgin, who teaches the class, said they added the Principles of Teaching class because they “thought it would be a good chance for students to explore, and see if they wanted to do it in their futures.” With 10 students currently enrolled, most of them already know that they want to follow the education pathway, while the other students are trying to find their true passion through trying new things. 

Senior Jocelyn Partin said she enrolled in the class because she “wants to educate America's youth, and be able to inspire and help students find themselves and their passions.”

Elgin said that it has been difficult to plan and prioritize the important information she wants to teach her students. “I didn’t really know what to expect because it was a new class,”  she said, but she has settled on teaching topics like education law, education history, learning styles, incorporation, and lesson planning. 

The very hands-on approach has allowed students to “do so much more, such as observing actual teachers, and giving mini-lectures to the class,” said senior Kaleb Tucker. 

“My favorite part about this class is getting to see my 5th grade class as I love learning with them,” said Partin.

Elgin said the class has been going well the past few weeks. “Teaching is really rewarding,” she said, “I have enjoyed teaching something different, and something I am passionate about.” 

The students also share the joy in its success. Junior Billie Reynolds said, “I think this class will help me prepare for my future in teaching.” 

Partin wants other students to know that “if you are considering this career path, this is a great and highly recommended class to take to help you decide if it is right for you.”