Schools across the country are going all natural as inflation comes rolling in. 

Although East Washington schools haven't slowed down. Because of the 20-year plan put in place in 2018, and the solar panels that are laid out across 12 acres of land, the Eastern School District has seen utility cutbacks as much as $21,000. Superintendent Dennis Stockdale expects to pay off the solar panel payments and more before the 20-year plan is over. 

Eastern students are just as excited about the eco-friendly addition to their school. With the budget drops also affecting the students, they are ready to have a little change. 

¨How are we supposed to save the world when we aren't saving our schools?¨ questioned a freshman student. 

With a $4 million price tag, many are hesitant to make such an investment in the panels, especially with the dropping budget in education. Some citizens are also concerned it may come out of their taxes. 

¨I think some people think it's too good to be true,¨ said Kaleb Webb, an EHS student. 

Dr. Richard Rutherford, Salem schools superintendent, said this was something he'd like to eventually see in Salem. He even brainstormed a few ways to raise the money for the solar panels: bake sales, fundraising or putting up a go-fund-me account. 

Analyzing data of utilities is another huge factor, taking into account how much it may save and help the environment. It's always beneficial to have the facts and information to back it up accordingly. It can also take time, not only to install them, but to get the community behind the idea, as well as take a step-by-step approach to environmentally-friendly solutions. The solar panels could be placed on the roofs, or the staff could utilize the school grounds. It can also take time, not only presenting the idea but also making it a reality.

¨Rome wasn't built in a day,” said Rutherford. ¨It's an investment now, save later situation.¨