After nearly three years of counting down the days until a new play would finally take its place back on the stage, Mark Carter and the theater department at Salem High School are ready to get back into the swing of things with a new fall production entitled “Our Town”.

In early 2020, rising CVOID-19 concerns led to an absence of school plays at Salem until recently. The theater department is currently working hard to ensure everything goes smoothly with the first production in more than two years. With the play set to debut in a little more than a month, Carter admitted that stakes are high: “I’m very nervous of course, y’know, because it’s the first play I’ve directed for the school.” 

Currently, two roles are open for the play and anyone is encouraged to audition. “Even if they’ve never been involved in theater, they’re more than welcome to try,” said Carter. 

Positions for working with lighting, costumes, and selling tickets are also still available for a behind-the-curtain look. The play is slated to premiere the night of Saturday, Nov. 12, as well as the following Sunday afternoon. As of now, there are Drama Club meetings after school in Room 007. Anyone interested in participating should reach out to Carter.