Mane Mugs class

Monday mornings are  hard for everyone, but they are especially hard for teachers. Luckily for the teachers and staff at Salem High school, Amanda Sebastian's class has found a way to make Mondays more bearable.

The students in her class are taught how to listen to people and follow directions. They are also taught conversation skills that they use everyday and they will carry on the rest of their lives. One activity that they do in her class is called Mane Mugs. Mane Mugs is where the students, on Mondays only, go around collecting coffee orders from the teachers. The students of her class read  the orders that the teachers have given via Google Forms. 

Sebastian said that the idea of Mane Mugs came about when Mr. Albert read an article about something similar at another school and he brought it to her attention. She loved the idea!  Mane Mugs has been around for five years, starting in 2017. They started with an $8 coffee pot and the money they received went to get a better coffee pot along the way. The money that they now receive helps the students in her class be able to go on field trips. They also have used the money to purchase food for the food bank. 

When talking to some of the students in her class and asking them about some of the  obstacles they face, one student said being able to follow the orders that their customers place can be challenging. Another student said the challenge they face is having to talk to people and interact with them.  A couple more challenges that the majority of the class agreed on was self sufficiency and constructive criticism. Even when the students of her class enjoy being around people, it's sometimes hard for them to follow through.

This activity helps the students at SHS with their everyday life skills and gives teachers something to look forward to on Mondays.