Dance team members

        For 22 years, Heather Nale has been dancing. 

        This year, she is using that experience to lead the dance team at Salem High School. With only two members, Nale is hoping to grow the team and get more dancers involved. 

        The group consists of seniors Katie Larrimore and Bailey Leis. Nale said it’s a challenge only having two girls participating, but even though it has been demanding, the girls were able to have their first performance on the football field homecoming night.

         Working on the “fast and upbeat” pom, jazz, and hip-hop dances, the girls have found some aspects challenging. Leis said that some of the moves have been hard to remember, especially the arm positions, but she has continued to focus on getting it right. Larrimore said her love for dance has kept her motivated, despite hearing some negative comments.

          Even though there have been obstacles while being on the dance team, Leis and Larrimore both say that their favorite parts have been the ability to perform, and to dance. They want other students to find the joy that they have in being on the team as well. When asked what advice they would give to anyone interested in joining, Leis said, “Follow your dreams,” and Larrimore added, “Just go for it!”

        Anyone interested in joining the team should contact Nale.

Dance teachers with dance team members