CAM Club students on a field trip

Last school year, Salem High School counselor Gayle Hill started the CAM Club. The club has different activities and opportunities for students who would like to attend and who are interested in Cosplay, Anime and Manga. Hill started the club to give kids who aren’t in sports or other clubs a safe space to be around others who are interested in the same things as them. In addition to Cosplay, Anime and Manga club members mainly tackle pop culture in general.  

“I originally wanted to start the CAM club in the beginning because I had noticed that some kids were into a lot of similar things but didn’t have a place to express themselves," she said. "I had started this club in the hopes of giving those kids a space where they can express themselves and have a safe space to come talk to me.” 

The CAM Club goes on field trips to Comic-Con and renaissance festivals. They even meet throughout the summer months.

Hill wants to show the kids at SHS that they have a safe space to talk to her and trust that they are safe at the school. She wants the kids to feel safe, included and engaged during their school year. Since starting the CAM Club, different kids have been more open with her and willing to ask for help with certain subjects and topics. She hopes that more kids will join and get more involved in different after school activities. 

CAM Club field trip

CAM Club Field Trip