Jennifer Martin talking to a senior

Senior students at Salem High School have the opportunity to learn new skills and experiment with their future jobs. Weston Smith jumped at the opportunity to surround himself with music every day.

Smith began interning at Mac’s Music and Art two weeks ago. During this time, he has had the opportunity to learn how to clean guitars, discover more about the instrument and better understand how businesses work. 

“My favorite part is when I get to clean a really dirty guitar,” he said. 

Senior Counselor Jennifer Martin said students intern through signing up for the class. They receive high school credit for completing the internship. Students have to submit a resume and other paperwork before beginning. 

Each month internees have a paper they submit and at the end of the semester they have a five-page reflection paper they are required to write and turn in. Interns must have a C average or higher and good attendance to continue interning. 

“Students need transportation if they intern away from the school or hospital,” said Martin. Walking to the hospital, elementary or middle school is reasonable. 

She added through interning, students take a closer look at what their future career may look like. Students are given opportunities to work in “the real world.”

Some interns have been able to attend surgeries and medical procedures or work closely with classroom teachers and small groups of students on assignments. Students have sometimes found their internship opportunities turn into a part time job. 

“I feel internships are important because it is an up close and personal look at what a future career holds,” said Martin, adding that she, herself, was an intern and cadet teacher her senior year. Martin knew that she wanted to teach, but interning confirmed that she wanted to teach middle school or high school. 

Senior Jacob Miller spends his internship in the STEAM lab at Salem Middle School. “Interning is the perfect way to end my day on a good note!”