Girls soccer team

Imagine running non-stop for an hour and a half with little to no breaks at all. That is the reality for the girls soccer team as they face a lack of players this season. Corabelle Tally is the team's coach, along with assistant coach Jessica Batt and volunteer coach Chandra White.

The team has already had its first game and met the consequences of a lack of players. The team needs 11 players on a field, but currently only has 10. Tally hopes to have at least 15 players by the end of the season. Extra players would benefit the team by allowing the players to have water breaks and plenty of subs in case a player gets tired, as well as in case of injuries or not having enough to fill a field. 

Tally said practices are from 4:00-5:30 p.m. everyday after school, and requires shin guards, along with soccer cleats for better traction on the field. Tally offers help with acquiring any needed equipment.