Lowell Depoy talks to science club members

Science is everywhere in the world; from the changes of seasons to the reason planes soar through the clouds. The Science Club at Salem High School is all about discovering and learning new things. The club recently took a trip to do just that.

 A trip to the Piper Museum at the airport was the perfect opportunity for Chase Coleman ,club member, to learn more about planes. Coleman reached out to the owners of the Piper Museum to make the trip happen. 

In late October, the Science Club learned the museum contains three vintage airplanes, a flight simulator, and a display that contains numerous Piper aircrafts dating back to the early beginnings of Piper Aircraft Corporation. Rhonda and Lowell DePoy are in charge of the museum, which includes a display of all the items the couple has collected over the years. 

Science Club sponsors John Calhoun and Lisa Nice  believed that taking this trip would be a great way to learn about not only the science, but the rich history behind aviation. Students were able to learn about the plane as a whole and the different parts, including the navigation systems for flight and how they have evolved over the years. At Piper Museum the DePoy’s are ready and willing to answer any questions about aviation, including questions about aviation scholarships. Carrying their brochures on scholarships and career opportunities, the Science Club members learned everything they needed to know about aviation without leaving the ground.